K8NOW Radio Club

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In 1960 a man named Ray McMahan K8NOW, joined forces with handicapped man by the name of Ralph Peterson K8PUS, and tried to create a club for the handicapped people so that they might find a new outlet for their restricted lives through Amateur Radio. It was not until February 2, 1969, that the joined forces of Vivian WA8EMN and Gabriel Wellett K80JI, Bob Sloss K8DYN and Ralph Peterson K8PUS, brought into existence the Metropolitan Amateur Radio Club. A club license was then arranged under the call of K8NOW in respect for the silent key, Ray McMahan. Our club is greatly indebted to Ray McMahan for his great efforts in the early 1960's to establish a club and this was our way of preserving his call indefinitely. The M.A.R.C. is also sub-named the R.H. Peterson Chapter No. 1, to show it's appreciation to Ralph K8PUS for his consistent efforts to create the club. The club is a growing group of people who are highly dedicated to helping through Amateur Radio. There are many handicapped members in the club now, and most of our programs and events are arranged to be in their best convenience. We welcome any hams into our club that have a sincere interest in helping the handicapped, and helping the club to grow.